Provided at no cost by Guatemala’s Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

Guatemala's Seasonal Labor Program promotes regular migration through H2A visas and is led by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, through the Department of Labor Mobility.

The program is implemented within a framework agreement with the US Department of Labor, and has the support of the US Embassy in Guatemala.

The free service facilitates connections between Guatemalans seeking temporary agricultural work experiences overseas, and businesses seeking time-bound agricultural labor.


Acuerdo entre Guatemala y los Estados Unidos de América sobre programas de trabajadores agrícolas y no agrícolas temporales (versión en inglés)

Program Objective

To promote temporary labor opportunities in the United States for Guatemalans seeking such opportunities in a regular, ordered and safe process which is transparent to all.

Specific Objective


1. To supply the labor demand abroad with qualified Guatemalan personnel through a transparent, strict and reliable recruitment process.

2. To provide temporary labor opportunities for Guatemalans who seek to improve themselves in a secure, stable and regular manner.

Free services offered by the Program

1. Facilitation of recruitment and selection processes.
2. Protection and respect for labor rights of Guatemalan participants.
3. Provision of personalized attention to employers and workers, guaranteeing constant and fluid communication and feedback.
4. Guarantee that each candidate worker has a clean bill of health and no criminal record.
5. Opportunities to maintain technical skills and capacities for candidates in the program.

Strategic Partners

The Program is working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala and the Guatemalan Consulates in the United States, the National Institute of Migration, the Embassy of the United States in Guatemala and the Ministry of Economy through the National Competitiveness Program (PRONACOM).

Recruitment process

Once a business confirms the profile of the workers it needs, the program will be able to select candidates, verify qualifications and prepare workers for the assignment within 70 working days. For more information email: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

Why Guatemalans?

Guatemalan labor is efficient, economical and diversified enough to meet all your business needs.

- Guatemala has the largest population in Central America.

- Guatemala is the most agriculture-based country in the region and has the youngest population.

- Diversification of experience: agriculture, livestock, poultry, blacksmithing, maintenance, construction, beekeeping, manufacturing, textiles, and others.

Characteristics of Guatemalan workers:

Commitment and honesty: striving to complete assigned tasks.
Respect and responsibility: achieving employment goals while seeking to fulfill their dreams.
Vocation of service: able to give the extra mile.
Willingness to reside temporarily out of the country: able to be temporarily away from their family in exchange for better labor opportunities.
Resilience: adaptability to changing tasks, weather and situations.
Dedication: results-driven.
Fast learning: able to pick up new skills and apply them.

Characteristics of Guatemalan workers:

What makes us different?

Guatemalans are the best agricultural labores in the market – good workers who are highly productive.


The process

1Free – Specialized recruitment service at no cost to the employer.

No-appointment necessary – an agile process to serve the needs your business.

Client-oriented – service designed with client needs and satisfaction in mind.

Our workers


Program Participants Already Registered: More than 20,000 Guatemalans are registered in a database, with qualifications in more than 60 different agricultural profiles identified.

Technical skills: Guatemalans supported in knowledge and skills at the technical level, with an option to guarantee certification in specific skills if required by the client.

Adaptability: Guatemala’s agricultural workforce adapts easily to any working condition or worksite.
Diversified Agricultural Practices: Guatemalans have capacity to work in different soil types and micro-climates throughout Guatemala.


Diversified Agricultural Practices: Guatemalans have capacity to work in different soil types and micro-climates throughout Guatemala..

Our workers